Hotel facilities
■ Building Area
Main building: 7,260 sq. meters, Sixth floors, Capacity 252 guests
Annex: 1,485 sq. meters, Fifth floors, Capacity 60 guests
New annex: 2,442 sq. meters, Forth floors, Capacity 140 guests
Cottages: 3 buildings, Capacity 18 guests per each, 174 rooms (3 buildings)
Total capacity 470 guests
■Outdoor facilities:Tennis court
■Indoor facilities:
Heated swimming pool (25m×5 courses, depth 1.1m)
Large bathroom, Outdoor hot spring, Sauna, Game corner, Karaoke rooms (2 rooms), Restaurants, Tea room, Snack stand, Souvenir shop
Large banquet hall (Japanese style), Capacity 120 guests
Middle banquet hall (Western style), Capacity 100 guests
Small banquet hall (Japanese style), Capacity 60 guests
■Recreation facilities
Hokkaido Municipality Employee Welfare Association
Hokkaido Public School Teachers Welfare Association
Asahikawa City Employee Welfare Association
Hokkaido Urban Employee Welfare Association
Japan Construction Workers' Council national health insurance union
Furano City Employee Welfare Association
Aggregate Corporation Asahikawa track Association
Complete effluent system is adopted for the bathhouse of the natural hot spring.
Shirogane onsen hot spring is famous for its excellent quality of spa water. You can have complete “Refreshment” from the exhaustion of trip at our bathhouse as there are many types of bathes available including outdoor hot spring and sauna. (However, minimum addition of cold water is carried out to reduce the temperature of hot spring source effectively that is too hot around 51 degrees.)
■Hot spring water quality:
Sodium, Magnesium, Hydrosulfate calcium, Chloride salt fountain (Hypotonic neutral high temperature hot spring), Old categorization: Chloride salt including simple nitrated hot spring
■Positive effect:
Neuralgia, muscular pain, arthritic pain, stiff shoulder, motor palsy, arthritic paralysis, contusion, sprain, hemorrhoid, chronic digestive organs disease, chronic skin disease, arteriosclerosis, recovery period of the convalescence, tiredness recovery, health enhancement, incisures, ambustion, chronic woman disease, and excessive sensitivity to cold

Origin of celebrated hot spring "Shirogane onsen hot spring"
The hot spring recognized as complex spring of magnesium / calcium fountain, chloride salt fountain, hydrogen carbonate fountain and ferruginous fountain gushed out in August, 1950. The original name of Silogane (shining platinum) was named as if the spring water gushed out from black muddy soil seemed to be flow of shining platinum when the founder succeed the development of this hot spring.

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